Electric viola & Anni on white couch 1.0

Available: Festivals / Special occasions
Territory: worldwide (excl. North America)

ANNI ROSSI is a songwriter, producer and performance maker based in Brooklyn. Her repertoire includes strumming her one-of-a-kind electric viola like a guitar, made out of a log by the mighty Thor Harris (Swans), composing music for Berlin Sun Theater at The Whitney Museum, dirty Aaliyah-inspired jams, and recording with producer Steve Albini.

After parting ways with label 4AD in 2011, she found a wider frame of expression. Rossi is now emerging from a period of playfully exploring several tangents of work woven by her creative instincts and raw responses to being human. She is currently working on a full length album with co-producer Bobb Bruno (Best Coast) and shooting and directing a visual EP that’s set to the songs she recorded at the legendary Magic Shop in its final days. Stay tuned in early 2019 for the their release! Her latest offering is a mixtape collage of lo-fi demos, voicemails and prank calls.


“Perhaps most enjoyable of all is that there’s something remarkably personable about this album, as though Anni Rossi is right there in the room with you. […] Rossi demonstrates how stunning music can be when kept stark and simple.” – Pitchfork

“Uncharacteristic gorgeousness” – Paste Magazine

“She stays on the move, with uncertainty wherever she alights!” – New York Times

“You can’t teach a mind to write and perform songs this way” – Daytrotter

“Das kreative Debüt einer Singer/Songwriterin, die ihre Individualität zwischen Indiepop und Freakfolk gekonnt auslebt und untermauert, dass sich Kratzbürstigkeit und Harmonie nicht ausschließen müssen.” –

“Kurzschluss. Authentizitätsüberlastung. Die Anlage des Rezensenten is schrottreif. Und er liegt mit breitem Lächeln zwischen den Einzelteilen.” –

“Die Songs [sind] kurz und knapp, kommen jedoch gut auf den Punkt und das komplette Album sprüht einen Charme aus, dem man sich nur schwer entziehen kann. Rossis Stimme ist dabei zart und klar, mit dem gewissen Grad an Emotionalität, die diese Art von Musik braucht.” – Nicorola