Available: Festivals / Tour October/November 2019
Territory: worldwide (excl. North America)

After releasing the heaviest album of their career with 2010’s If Tomorrow The War (produced by Justin K Broadrick of Jesu/Godflesh), CONSTANTS‘ fifth studio album Pasiflora reveals a very different side of the band, this time with an emphasis on shoegaze and an almost retro-sensibility. Whispering vocal harmonies, walls of chorused synths and booming Peter Gabriel-esque drums coalesce into an album landing somewhere between M83 and Mew. Simply put, Pasiflora might just be their best and most creative release yet.

With nine years, four critically acclaimed albums and countless international tours under their belts, the members of Constants began to feel pigeonholed into the “post-metal/post-rock/post-whatever” scenes. So they set out to write an album that would redefine their already genre-bending sound from the outset, but it wasn’t until drummer Rob Motes presented a batch of bedroom demos that the new album really began to take shape. The group scrapped 6 months and 10 songs worth of material to embrace the vibrant and textural sound that would become Pasiflora.

“We aim to surprise people with every record and like to work outside of our own safe zone as much as possible. The challenge is to shape the result into a clear, consistent album,” says guitarist/vocalist Will Benoit. “We’re genuinely excited to have found something fresh at a point in our timeline when a lot of bands become stagnant.” Pasiflora was self-produced in Benoit’s Radar Studios (Junius, Caspian)—New England’s first and only solar-powered recording facility—and co-mixed by Daryl Rabidoux (Bad Rabbits, The Cancer Conspiracy).


“The one-time metalheads (and Jesu associates) serenely slowdive into shoegaze, loudly party like it’s 1991.” – Spin

“That all being said, Pasiflora lives up to its namesake. It’s a record for mellowing out over. 2 a.m. background music for a sleepless, rainy night. Plus, thanks to the solar-powered studio it was recorded in, it even underwent its own form of photosynthesis. C’mon, Constants earned this title.” – Punk News

“Pasiflora is the best surprise (in sense of a band’s new album) of 2012. Check this out, this could be your soundtrack of this year’s summer!” – Nothing But Hope And Passion

“The whole album is a heavy step forward for the band, still firmly rooted in the post-hardcore realm, but now with aggressively catchy singles that trade fragility for a little discord.” – Exclaim!

“Its monstrous, downtuned, fuzzed-the-fuck-out guitar beneath singer Will Benoit’s soaring, soothing voice. While the giant-sized guitar might turn off indie fans and the clean singing might make tr00 metal fans wince, the combination is precisely what grabs me. It’s rare these days that you find a truly unique band; Constants are truly one-of-a-kind, and they’re really making a name for themselves.” – MetalSucks

“Constants’ fusion of disparate styles is one of the most organic yet. Instead of soft-loud-soft-because-Isis-do-it, Constants work through melodies, textures and rhythms with remarkable fluency. They love delay pedals (hello, U2!). They dig proggy odd meters. They would fit equally well on Equal Vision or InsideOut. If they want to catapult out of this lowly rag into Rolling Stone, they could do it.” – Decibel Magazine

“Dadurch sind die oft getätigten Vergleiche mit Bands wie ISIS und auch MOGWAI erstmals irgendwie gerechtfertigt. CONSTANTS sind gewachsen, was sich auch darin zeigt, dass erstmals kein Science-Fiction-Konzept Verwendung fand, sondern ernsthafte und auch persönliche Themen aufgearbeitet und, um den Kreis zum Albumtitel zu schließen, hinterfragt wurden. „If Tomorrow The War“ ist ein Beweis für den Reifeprozess einer Band, die sich ernsthafte Gedanken um ihre Musik macht.” – Ox Fanzine

“Wie ein Sisyphos im Astronautenmantel schraubt sich “If tomorrow the war” mit exorbitanter Schwerkraft durch die Thermosphäre ihrer Klangwelten. Ihr Eintrittswinkel bleibt halsbrecherisch, der Hitzeschild jedoch ist wohljustiert. Flieg Phoenix, flieg.” – Plattentests

“CONSTANTS waren bisher eine auserlesene Band für ein ausgewähltes Publikum – mit ihrem neuen Meisterwerk sollte der Insider-Status nun aber endgültig demjenigen der flächendeckend wertvollen Errungenschaft weichen!” –

“Große Platte, größere Klänge und großartige Atmosphäre. „The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension“ ist ein dreiteiliges Prachtstück, welches jeden Freund von ausschweifenden Gitarrenklängen entzücken dürfte.” –