Available: Festivals / Tour May – July 2019
Territory: Europe/UK
Booking: info@kojinmari-agency.com

Born in Yokohama in 1995, singer/songwriter/poetry rapper/producer HARU NEMURI (春ねむり) started her first band at the age of 17, playing the keyboard and synths. Since suddenly grabbing the microphone at 21, she has been performing under the moniker of HARU NEMURI, the “ultimate weapon” (最終兵器), writing all her music and lyrics herself.

Her debut EP Goodbye, Youth Phobia (さよなら、ユースフォビア) was released in 2016. Shortly after, all her shows in Japan sold out quickly and she was invited to play various festivals before 2017 saw the release of a remix album and a sophomore EP, as well as performances at events like Rock in Japan Festival. That year she also wrote and produced the main title to the film The Eternal Spring.

But all that could not prepare the world for what she would do on her debut album titled Haru to Shura (春と修羅) which came out in April 2018. Mixing elements of alternative rock, post rock, (post) hardcore, spoken word and rap music, she created a unique, forward thinking experimental version of modern music, a dense fusion of the quirky qualities of J-Pop, the intensity of post-hardcore and everything in between all at the same time.

Haru to Shura and her latest single Kick In The World prove her to be one of the world’s most one-of-a-kind up and coming artists.



“Her full-length debut, which came out earlier this year, is packed with sonic ideas that each evolve in three minutes or less. Maybe it’s this brevity — the immediate payoff — that makes her music so rewarding.” – Stereogum (40 best new bands of 2018)

“Everything is blown-out to a widescreen post-rock scope yet feels jarringly immediate. The music is visionary and richly layered, the performance enthusiastic and dialed-in.” – Stereogum on Haru to Shura

“Haru Nemuri’s new single “Kick In The World” sounds like if you put a bunch of razor blades in a blender and let it rip.” – Stereogum (best song of the week)

“Haru Nemuri’s debut album pushes J-pop/rap in an exciting direction by channeling Japan’s rich history of underground rock music.” – The Needle Drop

Haru Nemuri has begun to feel like a scene essential, like one of the most important voices coming out of [Japan], and possibly even [all of Asia]. Pushing noise pop to ludicrous new highs of immediacy, and pushing the sonic limits of guitar sounds’ brittle-ness to even higher planes. – Overblown

“You aren’t just experiencing a new J-pop album, you’re experiencing a new J-pop LANDMARK. Essential.” – deadgrandmablog

“An amazing synthesis of ideas that would seem so likely to be far apart but successfully sewed together by Nemuri’s confidence to deliver a representation of her unique artistry.” – delishmagish