Available: Festivals / Special occasions
Territory: Europe/UK
Booking: info@kojinmari-agency.com

JYOCHO is the new project by Japanese guitarist Daijirō Nakagawa (ex-Uchū Conbini) from Kyoto, who has been praised for his excellent technique and songwriting abilities. JYOCHO take inspiration from different genres such as progressive, math rock, pop and more, adding a unique kind of warmth and molding everything into an inimitable fusion of musicianship and an airy post rock-ish atmosphere.

Having released two excellent EPs in 2016/17 and a fabulous single this year, a new full length album will follow in December 2018.


“They perform on a level most musicians can only dream of, while displaying an elegance so effortless it’s comparable to the movement of silk in the wind. The band can show off dense layering every post-rock band would be proud of, as well as light-hearted songs that are just pure fun. In the end, that is exactly what [the album] is. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, and it’s the best math rock release I’ve heard this year.” – Everything Is Noise

“Through this new record, they express fragile and gloomy emotions you have when you’re young, but they give us a little bit of hope as well.” – beehy.pe

“While listening, you can imagine that the band is beside you and wants to share its worries only with you and nobody else. It’s kind of an unusual but interesting experience.” – JaME World