Living Phantoms 2018 PRESS Photo Kopie

Available: Festivals / Special occasions
Territory: worldwide (excl. North America)

With an arsenal of analog synthesizers, drum machines and effects, “the one time metal head and Jesu associate serenely slowdives into shoegaze” ( with the debut full length from LIVING PHANTOMS. Since the project’s inception 3 years ago, producer Will Benoit has released a series of remixes for artists like Ellie Goulding and Bad Rabbits, and also explored new sonic territory with remixes for underground luminaries such as Caspian and Rosetta.

After a short run cassette release in 2013, Benoit set out to define his sound; a dark, but often uplifting journey through lo-fi 80’s inspired grooves and the dense sonic textures that have become his signature. Recorded and mixed using analog gear entirely at his own solar powered The Radar Studio, there is a hypnotic weight and depth to Living Phantoms that “staggers the ears as well as the heart” (The Onion AV Club).


This beautiful and ethereal music is just perfect… this will end up being one of my favourite albums of the year.“ – Absolute Punk

I find this EP more entertaining than most of what Pitchfork or Sputnikmusic tells me I should look for in dream pop. Maybe it’s because these songs feel more fleshed-out than most in the genre.  Living Phantoms has released a surprisingly great EP.” – Decoy Music

“The result is an album that wins you over initially with its airy atmosphere and melodic undercurrent, but you stay for the impressive songwriting and delightful compositions. Electronic side gigs are a dime a dozen lately, but it’s clear that Living Phantoms are the real deal here. Memory Palace feels like the perfect salve for escaping the real world and nodding along to the surreal landscapes Benoit crafts.” – New Noise Magazine