SOM - So Serious Press Photo

Available: Festivals / Special occasions
Territory: worldwide (excl. North America)

Featuring founding members of seminal Boston space rockers Constants and former and touring members of Adai, Junius, Rosetta, and Caspian, SOM wrote and recorded their debut album at Will Benoit’s solar powered The Radar Studio, along with engineer Daryl Rabidoux (Doomsday Student, Drowningman).

Drummer Duncan Rich and bassist Justin Forrest build thunderous rhythms that give drive and pulse to the fuzzed out wall-of-synth-and-guitar-noise. Dark and heavy throughout, their music is complemented by memorable hooks and melodies in singer/guitarist Will Benoit’s somber, lamenting vocals.


“It manages to push the poles of shoegaze farther apart with a deep heaviness contrasting its undeniable beauty.” – Exclaim!

“For modern lovers looking for something dark, sensual and just edgy enough to evoke later-era Deftones or even some sexier A Perfect Circle tracks…” – Revolver Magazine

“Perfect for laying in a pile of leaves while quietly wondering everywhere you went wrong in life.” –

“The band plays a very particular brand of chunky, crushing metal that still retains a very hopeful, beautifully shoegaze sound to it.” – Metal Injection

“SOM captures the aesthetic of driving rain pouring down from the gloom overhead to meet fires bursting forth from within the earth; a joining of despair and fury that expands exponentially the presence and power of both and seizes listeners within a fearsome maelstrom that feels curiously comforting.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy