RLYR trevor 01

Available: Festivals / Special occasions
Territory: Europe/UK

Best known for his work with instrumental post-rock institution Pelican, TREVOR DE BRAUW‘s 20 year musical career has manifested as an exploration of the vast sonic possibilities of the guitar. His debut solo album Uptown marks a departure from the riff-oriented song writing of Pelican, taking a plaintive approach that unravels the meditative depth of washed-out riffs, deconstructed drones, and carefully controlled feedback. The end result delves into complex dimensions of deeply layered textures: an evocation of haunting melodicism that shares more common ground with Brian Eno’s ambient work and drone wizards Barn Owl than it does a metal record.

Uptown was written and recorded over the span of nearly a decade. It represents a scrapbook from a formative era in Trevor’s life bookended by a stint on a remote tobacco farm and his return to the anxiety-ridden urban eccentricities of Chicago’s historic Uptown neighborhood. Uptown is a stream of consciousness sustained for too long, an aural pendulum swinging between poles of murky distress and cathartic resolve that takes shape somewhere in the hazy valleys between rock, ambient and experimental music.


“’Uptown’ feels surprisingly necessary and somehow reassuring.”  – Pitchfork

“Savor every detail or zone out completely, you’ll find it’s equally rewarding in entirely different ways.” – FACT Magazine

“This is the sound of a guitar lover getting intimate with his stringed soulmate, making it precious in every sense of the word.” – Decibel Magazine

“’Uptown’ is a great solo debut from a guitar player who’s proven his talent many times. It took him some years, but in the end the result is amazing.” – Echoes and Dust

“…de Brauw weaves a narrative of solemn beauty — using his guitar, and the thick smoke of reverb it leaves in its trail, he can be heard bringing something that was once dead and sullied back to life again.” – Consequence of Sound

“Like a burning sunrise enveloping the entirety of creation, ‘Uptown’ is an incredible solo debut from a guitarist who’s already proven his talent behind the axe.” – Heavy Blog

“…a new side of an artist whose established canon is already quite strong.” – Treble