Available: Festivals / Tour May 2019
Territory: worldwide (excl. Iceland & North America)

Only few can dismantle the line between the delicate and the tectonic as severely as VAR. Growing from gentler origins, there has always been a distant rumble beneath their music, and through their 2017 LP Vetur and subsequent singles, VAR have grown new teeth and pushed themselves beyond their introspective beginnings into something more fierce. Still, their work remains beautiful and sublime throughout. Whether it be the affinity for the climactic or the openness towards vulnerability, they are never far from ripping through the calm with their vicious rhythm section and sonorous guitars, nor from collapsing into the crystalline and intimate austerity from which they were delivered. There is an effortless immediacy in the lyricism and melodies that conjure melancholia and hope in equal measure. The lyrics dwell in the interpersonal moments we often struggle to face with such grace. Sometimes demonstrating the restraint of maturity, other times indulging an inimitable wildness that produces some of the most dynamic and memorable concerts one could ever hope to see, VAR is a live band that will put you under their spell immediately. This is music that can take you on a journey in every song, and to new heights at every turn. At this altitude the views will be pristine, but fasten your seat belts: there will be turbulence.


“VAR [haben] auf jeden Fall ihren eigenen Sound. Mit ihnen wächst vielleicht eine neue isländische Post-Rock Größe heran.” –